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Appeal allowed within Huntingdonshire District Council

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Summary Appeal allowed and outline planning permission is granted for construction of up to two dwellings and access with all matters reserved within Huntingdonshire District Council.

Proposal The previous application was refused on the basis that the proposed residential dwellings was suggested to represent an encroachment of built development in the countryside outside the built-up area of Bluntisham. It was believed that the proposal did not meet any of the other specific opportunities identified within Huntingdonshire’s Local Plan to 2036 which restricts residential development in the countryside to protect the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside. It was therefore considered that the proposal would be contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (2021) paragraph 174(b) and Policies LP2, LP9 and LP10 of Huntingdonshire’s Local Plan to 2036.’

Our Advice

The main issue relating to this appeal is whether the proposal would represent a suitable location for housing, having regard to the locational policies of the development plan and other material considerations.

We set out in detail 4 grounds of appeal, in summary;

  • It can be demonstrated that the appeal site is located in the built-up area and would not result in encroachment into the countryside;
  • The LPA has been inconsistent in its decision making, given that a similar development located approximately 125m from the appeal site was found to be in the built-up area and subsequently approved under the current local plan period;
  • The appeal site serves as a sustainable location for housing given its proximity to nearby services and facilities, all of which can be reached via a lit footpath;
  • The LPA has not acknowledged the baseline position that additional built form could be located at the appeal site via permitted development.

Our in-house land surveyor also provided drawings to demonstrate an indicative layout referring to some of the matters for illustrative purposes.


Appeal allowed within Huntingdonshire District Council


For all the above reasons, the inspector was satisfied that the site can be considered part of the built-up area and that subject to careful design at the reserved matters stage there is no reason why the proposed development of up to two dwellings should have any significant impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, the current built form or the open countryside to the east. The appeal was therefore allowed and outline planning permission (with access not reserved) was granted for up to a maximum of two dwellings on the appeal site subject to conditions.

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