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As planning consultants, we can assist and prepare committee speeches either to present ourselves on the applicants’ behalf, or in some instance it may be preferable for the applicant themselves to speak at the planning committee, given their personal investment in the proposal.

Our scope of work to assist with committee speeches includes (but is not limited to):

  • Carrying out a site visit and discuss the proposal
  • Preparation of planning committee speech on behalf of client
  • Advise on next steps post committee meeting

A recent example of this service led to the approval at committee for 10 Glamping pods in Blickling, Norfolk, despite being recommended for refusal.

Our thorough preparation for the committee speech laid out that the application is for the diversification of an agricultural rural business, which has been run by the applicant’s family for three generations, therefore would allow for the long-term security of the business to continue. Throughout the speech we addressed the concerns in regard to highways, the impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area and isolation from local services, quoting in line paragraph 85 of the NPPF which states “Planning policies and decisions should recognise that sites to meet local business and community needs in rural areas may have to be found adjacent to or beyond existing settlements, and in locations that are not well served by public transport.” Giving context to the scheme compared to it’s current use highlighted that the proposal should be encouraged, allowing the site to increase its deliverability of the three pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainability. We are very pleased with the outcome of approval at committee and are delighted for our clients.

If you would like our assistance with the preparation of a committee speech to maximise your chances of success at this stage, please get in contact at

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