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Barn Conversion in Norfolk achieves Planning Permission

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Background:  Full Planning Permission was secured by Parker Planning Services for the conversion of an existing barn and part of the existing dwelling.  This design will provide two homes with rear extensions.  The cart lodge will also be converted to provide further accommodation alongside the existing dwelling, together with an infill extension between dwelling and cart lodge.

The Proposal:  The aims of the proposal was to make efficient use of existing buildings, resulting in two additional homes and to create availability of lower cost housing. There is currently  just the one large existing dwelling on site.

Our Advice:  Our planning statement highlighted that the NPPF only seeks to avoid housing which is within ‘isolated’ locations. If a new dwelling is within an isolated location it would be expected to meet one of the exception criteria contained within paragraph 79 (now Paragraph 80). There are two options in the ‘exception criteria’ which are relevant to the proposal:

“c) the development would re-use redundant or disused buildings and enhance its immediate setting; d) the development would involve the subdivision of an existing residential”.

As such, even if the proposal was in an isolated location, it would meet the exception criteria. Our report also mentioned the ‘fall back position’ in terms of what is achievable under permitted development rights, which is also relevant. We could achieve multiple dwellings or at least the conversion of the existing buildings into residential use associated with the existing dwelling on site. The applicant could then, in theory apply to subdivide the existing dwelling in the knowledge that this is one of the exception criteria provided in paragraph 79 (now 80) anyway. Whilst the proposal would meet the exception criteria in relation to dwellings which are in isolated locations, in this case the dwellings would not be isolated and it’s in a location which is preferred for housing.

We therefore emphasised that there is a very good argument in favour for the proposal and the council subsequently considered that the principle of the proposed development is in accordance with the NPPF and was approved.  We are delighted for our clients success here, and look forward to seeing the new homes being developed.

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