Landscape Management & Strategy

Landscape Architecture, Design and Planting Scheme

If you require practical landscape design input for your planting, landscaping schemes or to enhance your architectural plans – we can help.

Our landscape architecture specialists provide guidance and design for different stages of projects, from initial stages of feasibility and concept design, through outline and detailed design stages and on to construction and post-construction.   We pride ourselves on providing high quality specialist landscape design and assessment services whatever size your project may be.

Landscape Management & Strategy   Landscape management needs full consideration about how it is planned, designed and advised on – this ensures the physical works completed enhance the overall landscape on your project.

Our landscape management plans and design schemes are produced following an initial site assessment and produced by our landscape professionals.  We can also advise and recommend on good landscape contractors who can undertake the physical works.

A landscape management plan then produces a report that:

  • Identifies the existing quality of the landscape of the site and its surroundings and any other relevant qualities.
  • Takes account of budget and resource constraints/requirements
  • Advises on ways to achieve best value from the landscape and grounds procurement
  • Advises on landscape and ecological management principles, that take into consideration the impact on protected species. (eg:-habitat and ecological enhancement, use of chemicals and waste disposal etc.)

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