Heritage Statements and Reports Examples

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Heritage Statements and Reports Examples

Heritage Statements and Reports that may be required for a planning application:

Heritage Impact Assessments (HIAs):

A Heritage Impact Assessment assesses the significance of relevant heritage assets and any potential effect of the proposed development on this significance.

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Historic Building Records:

A Historic Building Record is a recording of a historic building prior to alterations or demolition. It is usually required as a Planning Condition by the local council in order to secure approval for development, but may also be carried out prior to Planning Applications.

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Published reports on ADS (Archaeology Data Service): An Archaeological Historic Building Survey Lvl. 2 for: Wallis’s Mills Old Dry Lane, Brigstock, Northamptonshire (archaeologydataservice.ac.uk) 

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A Statement of Heritage Significance will examine your historic asset and provides a summary of its overall heritage value. If prepared when considering a future planning application, it will make specific reference to those aspects of its significance that will need most consideration.

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Listed Building Consents:

Listed Building Consent is sought when you want to alter a Listed Building (a building of special architectural or historic interest) in a way that affects its character or appearance.

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